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Air Duct Brothers cleans more air ducts with an optimized site and a local SEO campaign.

Air Duct Brothers is a family owned and operated Air Duct cleaning company serving the Tri-State area. They are known for their high quality work and experience with almost all types of HVAC and Air Duct systems.

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The Challenge

Air Duct Brothers is an Air Duct cleaning and repair company. Prior to working with SmartSites, they operated under the name "First Aid Service," which proved confusing to potential customers. The old website was not compatible with new trends, and didn't serve them well. Their goal was to increase overall presence and capture market share in a very competitive and overcrowded industry.

The Plan

  • Convert the site from a single page to a full website with a navigation structure.
  • Rebrand from a confusing "First Aid Service" brand to "Air Duct Brothers".
  • Add dozens of unique content pages along with blog posts to improve search engine exposure.
  • Launch an aggressive link building campaign to increase search traffic.
  • Increase in total site traffic 245%
  • Increase in organic traffic 244%
  • Increase in leads 375%
Air Duct Brothers Website Design Before and After Preview
Air Duct Brothers
Air Duct Brothers
Air Duct Brothers
Air Duct Brothers

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