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AGA Parts sells more truck parts and heavy machinery with robust website design and SEO tactics.

AGA Parts is a global supplier of heavy equipment and trucking parts. They provide high quality, low prices, and fast shipping of OEM and aftermarket parts all over the world.

Web Design SEO

The Challenge

AGA's main challenge was to do a lot with a little. With over 30 brands servicing international markets, the goals were multifaceted. Create an exciting new website to sell intricate machine parts, target areas outside the continental US, and link up SmartSites' internal SEO team with AGA's business-oriented operational managers. The task was more than just building the website, however, as ongoing marketing was crucial if AGA wanted to rank for their specific part numbers.

The Plan

  • Perform extensive market and industry research in planning phase.
  • Prioritize featured product lines according to profitability based on keyword research and extensive communication with the client.
  • Design and Develop a professional but industrially-centered website.
  • Translate the site into 4 languages to target mostly international clientele.
  • Implement an intricate link building strategy to rank for specific part numbers.
  • Increase in total site traffic by 685%
  • Increase in organic traffic by 1,057%
  • Icon Tick Mark3,500 more organic visitors in first month of agreement
AGA Parts Website Design Before and After Preview
AGA Parts
AGA Parts
AGA Parts

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